Achieving Life Balance God’s Way

life balance

Life is like a box of chocolates. Most days it’s a myriad of wonderful surprises and exciting opportunities just waiting to be consumed. Other days, life is like a box of chocolates that has somehow fallen over and it’s up to us to figure out how to separate the truffles from the coconut-filled and the strawberry cremes. Forrest Gump clearly left that part out. On this earth, life is a never-ending balancing act. We have to master the art of taking on just enough responsibility, maintaining a Christ-centered focus, taking care of our health, and serving others— and that’s not even the half of it. No question about it, the secret to a healthy and happy life lies in finding the right balance. As a girl that wears several hats, finding the perfect balance is a struggle that I know all too well. About a week ago, I started feeling […]

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How To Defeat A Case Of The Mondays

Case of the Mondays

So your weekend has been amazing. You did this, you did that, you saw so and so and ate at the best restaurant in town—in comes Monday to ruin everything. For a lot of us, Monday is like the rude, tacky, mean girl that no one wants to deal with. Every week, we trade two and a half days worth of relaxation and carefree fun for five days of workplace torture…and Monday is the start of it all. Let’s face it. Just as sure as we’ll see Saturdays come and go, Mondays will forever be an integral part of our lives. So how do we deal?  How do we defeat a bad case of the Mondays? The key to defeating a case of the Mondays starts before Monday even arrives. Change Your Perspective Instead of viewing Monday as the abysmal joy-kill, try thinking of Monday as a fresh start to […]

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Improving My Marriage With Lists To Love By | Book Review

Can a list a day keep marital complications away? Perhaps not, but thanks to the Lists to Love by Books by Mark and Susan Merrill, I’m happy to say that my husband and I feel better equipped and that we are even more intentional about keeping a happy marriage. The Lists to Love By Books were sent to me for review and I must say, I am quite impressed with what we’ve read and with the effect that it has had on our marriage. In two small books, one intended for busy wives and the other for busy husbands, the Merrills have taken even the most complex marital issues and have provided insight and wise counsel to encourage couples to continue to move forward by honoring their marriage the way that Christ intended. What I appreciate the most about these books is that they are faith-based and if you acknowledge that […]

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Super Simple, 3-Ingredient DIY Coffee Scrub

DIY Coffee Scrub

A few days ago, I overheard a coworker talking about a coconut oil coffee scrub and I thought hmmm..coconut oil and coffee?!  Coconut oil and coffee are two things in my life that I never want to have to go a day without. So mixed together, I figured they’d be pretty amazing. As soon as I got home, I set off on a DIY coffee scrub adventure. After doing some quick research, I found out that coffee scrubs are super simple to make yourself and they have quite a few benefits: Like any scrub, they remove dead, flaky skin The caffeine in the coffee has vitalizing qualities The coffee provides aromatherapy They temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite (HuffPost) All you need to make the perfect coffee scrub is virgin coconut oil, sugar (I use Sugar in the Raw because it’s not as fine as refined sugar), and caffeinated coffee. It’s […]

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Breaking Up With Conditional Kindness

unconditional kindness

Lately, God has been really dealing with me about the way that society has taught us to deal with one another. We’ve all seen the memes and the self-righteous Facebook updates declaring that from this point forward we should treat people the way that they have treated us or that maybe we should only do as much for others as they have done for us. I’m sure at some point or another I subscribed to this way of thinking but as a Christ-Follower, this way of thinking goes against everything that we claim to believe in. Within the last week or so, I’ve done a lot of observing and people watching. Guys, it’s amazing how often we react to the tiniest of things. When someone’s tone is a little off, when we feel slighted by someone or they fail to acknowledge our presence in the way that we think they […]

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It’s Time To Forgive Yourself

forgive yourself

Life is complicated. Sometimes the things that we’ve said we’d never do, or the people that we said we would never hurt, unfortunately, become a part of our story. For what felt like at least a year or two, that was my reality. I made mistake after mistake and these weren’t just any mistakes. They weren’t like Oh, I locked my keys in the car. I made life-altering mistakes—some of which I still feel the effects of today. After most of the damage was done and the smoke cleared, I could barely look at myself. There was no one to place the blame on, no one to be angry with, and no one to reconcile with. I needed forgiveness for myself. We’re so used to hearing sermons on the importance of forgiveness of others, but what about forgiveness of self? Forgiving the people that have wronged us is equally as important but […]

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3 Easy Steps to Getting The Most Out Of Your Bible Study

There’s no question that reading the Bible is a fundamental part of our faith. It’s intended to be our go-to when things get tough or when our faith is low, or whenever we’re just downright confused. The funny thing is, out of all of the many questions that the Bible answers, someone, somewhere, forgot to include instructions on how to read the thing. Do we read it from cover to cover? Do we read passages as we feel inspired? This was something that I struggled with for a long time. A good friend of mine mentioned just the other day that people who have been Christians for more than 20 years are still struggling with this. There are tons of resources out there now and finding a solid reading plan is as simple as picking up your smartphone or tablet. Even then, there’s still the question of how do we […]

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