Girl, you are totally worth it.

At least Jesus sure thought so!  He thought enough of you to die for you—in hopes that you would one day live for him. Far More Precious than Rubies is a Christian Lifestyle blog, created by me, Ashley C., another imperfect Christ-follower.  This blog was created in Fall of 2015 as an answer to God’s call to inspire young Christian women to find their value in Christ and to live life with him unapologetically. A little more than five years ago, I struggled with my sense of self and teetered outside of the will of God to fill a void that only he could fill. I found myself pregnant, broke, and hopeless. As a single mother, I sought after God like never before to repair my broken heart and to find forgiveness. During that time, I was blessed with the gift of knowing my self-worth through Christ and I began to view myself in the way that God intended for me to all along. Most importantly, I found relationship with God like never before! I am now married to the man of my dreams with two beautiful children living a beautiful life that I can only give God credit for. This blog is my platform to share everything that I’ve learned along the way and my way to share with women from all over the world what God has shared with me: You are worth it.
Ashley C.