Tips For “Being Still” When Moving Is What You Do Best

being still

I have a confession: I’m a bit of a busy body. I like things done when I want them done, how I want them done, and I’m prepared to do it all on my own. This trait has been really useful in this age of digital DIY but let’s be honest, it hasn’t always been the best when God has needed for me to just stand still. I’ve faced it— I am a mover and sometimes standing still and trusting that God will come through in the timeline that I’ve envisioned is just downright hard. It wasn’t until my husband and I went to our pre-marital counseling that I learned the reasoning behind some of my behavior. Beneath all of the planning, the hyper-organization, and the desperate need to take initiative was a very real fear of failure. Even though I didn’t realize it, taking control was my way of […]

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