10 Valuable Life Lessons From 2017

2017 lessons

2017 was quite a year. I found a renewed trust and intimacy with God, I found success with the blog, I blessed others as well as they had blessed me, and I experienced great love and loss. I’m sure that as you’re reading this, you’re nodding your head in agreement that we share a very similar story—last year was a year of ups and downs. In the ups and downs and bad news and good news, I picked up quite a few lessons. One night, I […]

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Achieving Life Balance God’s Way

life balance

Life is like a box of chocolates. Most days it’s a myriad of wonderful surprises and exciting opportunities just waiting to be consumed. Other days, life is like a box of chocolates that has somehow fallen over and it’s up to us to figure out how to separate the truffles from the coconut-filled and the strawberry cremes. Forrest Gump clearly left that part out. On this earth, life is a never-ending balancing act. We have to master the art of taking on just enough responsibility, […]

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12 Biblical Practices That Lead To A Better Life

biblical practices better life

One of the things that I love about the Bible is that it truly serves as life’s instruction manual—if you allow it to. Generally speaking, if you live by the book, your life will be more fulfilling than it’s ever been (notice that I didn’t say life would be would problem-free). Many people see the Bible and everything in it as a boring set of restrictions to keep them from living a full life when it’s completely the opposite. God wants to free us and […]

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