50 Things to Be Grateful For At Any Stage of Life


Perspective is everything. When things are falling apart and life gets tough, it can be so difficult to find something good to hold on to. When we switch our focus from our problems to what’s actually great in our lives, we breed positivity and we make life worth living. God always knew that a heart of gratitude would be one of the major keys to make it through this life. This is exactly why he has put such an emphasis on giving thanks to Him […]

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How To Defeat A Case Of The Mondays

Case of the Mondays

So your weekend has been amazing. You did this, you did that, you saw so and so and ate at the best restaurant in town—in comes Monday to ruin everything. For a lot of us, Monday is like the rude, tacky, mean girl that no one wants to deal with. Every week, we trade two and a half days worth of relaxation and carefree fun for five days of workplace torture…and Monday is the start of it all. Let’s face it. Just as sure as […]

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3 Things Happy Christians Do Differently

Happy Christians

I know some of you are looking at the title of this post and thinking shouldn’t all Christians be happy? Maybe the short answer should be yes but we all know that life is never that simple. A lot of the time, the biggest difference between a happy person and a not-so-happy person is the way that they respond to the complications of life. The difference between a happy Christian and a not-so-happy Christian lies in the way that they apply the word of God […]

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