The DIY Bible Reference Tool That’s Helping Me To Overcome


I’m not a huge fan of DIY projects—mainly because I’m not very crafty—but I am a fan of putting together really easy things that can affect my life and this journal has done just that. I like to call it my “Pray the word” journal but ultimately it’s a Bible reference tool that I use to speak God’s word over my life. I got the idea sometime earlier this year while I was reading A Woman and Her God when one of the authors mentioned […]

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How To Fall In Love With Reading Your Bible + Giveaway (Closed)

bible reading

I know, I know. I talk about reading the Bible a lot—a whole lot. But it’s only because I want everyone to enjoy it as much as I do (along with reaping the spiritual benefits)! I went from barely wanting to read my Bible at all to waking up every morning really looking forward to my time in the word. It wasn’t an overnight change but there were a few things that I changed that led to me falling in love with reading my Bible […]

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How To Create A Christ-Centered Morning Routine

morning routine

  I think most of us will agree that mornings are probably the most hectic part of the day next to sitting around in 5-o’clock traffic.  We’re rushing to get ready for work (or to start the daily to-do list), scoffing down the quickest breakfast that we can find, trying to beat the rush on the highway, and if you have children then there’s no need for me to explain—hectic is more than likely the norm in your world. The tricky thing about mornings is […]

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3 Easy Steps to Getting The Most Out Of Your Bible Study

There’s no question that reading the Bible is a fundamental part of our faith. It’s intended to be our go-to when things get tough or when our faith is low, or whenever we’re just downright confused. The funny thing is, out of all of the many questions that the Bible answers, someone, somewhere, forgot to include instructions on how to read the thing. Do we read it from cover to cover? Do we read passages as we feel inspired? This was something that I struggled […]

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How To Lead Your Young Children Into Relationship With Christ (5 Simple Steps)

Proverbs 22:6 tells us that we if we train our children in the way that they should go, even when they are old, they will not depart from it. As earthly parents, we have an obligation to raise law-abiding, productive citizens—people that actually contribute to society. As Christian parents, we have the additional responsibility of raising and building up ambassadors for the Kingdom. God has placed each of us here for a purpose that is greater than we can imagine. That especially includes our children! […]

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How Reading My Bible Changed My Life

I know every Christian looked at the title of this blog post and thought duhhhh, haha, allow me to explain. I grew up in church and reading my bible was just as routine as standing up for praise and worship or taking communion. But that’s all it was for me—routine. I committed my life to Christ when I was pretty young and sure I would crack open the bible if I was going through something and I felt like I needed a word, but it […]

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