Avocado Oil | My New Favorite Fix For Dry Winter Skin

avocado oil

I’m a native Floridian but since moving to Maryland about 3 years ago, the cold winters have really taken a toll on my skin. I’ve honestly always been a dry skin sufferer but there’s something about living in an area that gets temperatures in the teens that made things a little worse. I’ve tried every big name lotion and cream that’s marketed for dry skin but at the end of the day, I would still have a hard time taking care of my trouble areas. […]

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Makeup From Christian Brands That You NEED To Have This Fall

christian makeup brands

I’m no MUA but I love love love makeup. Lipstick, blush, highlighter, concealer—I love it all. I’m a firm believer that you can never have enough makeup in your collection; especially if you want to have plenty of options. Now, we all know that you can’t walk into fall with the same makeup looks that you wore in the summer so I’m here to help. I was able to find a few ladies that love Christ, love makeup, and have turned their passions into amazing […]

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Super Simple, 3-Ingredient DIY Coffee Scrub

diy coffee scrub

A few days ago, I overheard a coworker talking about a coconut oil coffee scrub and I thought hmmm..coconut oil and coffee?!  Coconut oil and coffee are two things in my life that I never want to have to go a day without. So mixed together, I figured they’d be pretty amazing. As soon as I got home, I set off on a DIY coffee scrub adventure. After doing some quick research, I found out that coffee scrubs are super simple to make yourself and they […]

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Product Review | Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Skin Mud Mask

Shea Moisture Peace Rose Complex Senstive Skin Mud Mask

The other day I was perusing through Target, picking up things that I don’t really need, and while I was in the beauty aisle I saw Shea Moisture’s Peace Rose Oil Complex Mud Mask. During the Fall season, my skin tends to get dry and flaky and I like to incorporate a good mask so I was definitely interested. The name alone sounded amazing but what really attracted me was the fact that it was marketed to people with sensitive skin. Let me say that […]

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I Just Relaxed My Hair After Almost 4 Years of Being Natural. Here’s Why.

relax natural hair

If you’re looking for a post that lists reason after reason why choosing to wear my natural hair was the worst decision I’ve made since wearing Melissa’s (I know you remember those terrible, plastic translucent shoes), you’ve reached the wrong post. If I’m being honest, deciding to relax my hair has very bittersweet for me. These last almost four years have been liberating, enlightening, and flat out fun. But quite a few months ago, I lost the ‘fun’ and excitement in my hair. I went […]

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10-Minute Busy Girl “Fresh-face” Makeup

In my house, whenever we’re getting ready to leave, it always feels like we’re racing the clock. I have to get the kids together, pack the diaper bag, make sure that the dog has everything she needs and by the time I’ve done all of that I’m left with about 15 minutes to make sure that I look okay (meanwhile my husband is dressed and ready to go). So I’ve pretty much mastered the art of ‘makeup in a hurry’.  I love glitterly eye shadow […]

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My First ColourPop Unboxing and Review (Ultra Glossy Lip)

ColourPop Unboxing

I’ve been hearing about ColourPop for quite a while and  I’ve finally decided to try them out. Here are my thoughts: What’s ColourPop? ColourPop is a cosmetic company located in Cali that sells beautiful makeup for super reasonable prices. They’re known for the pigmentation of their makeup and they sell mostly lipsticks or glosses, blush, highlighter, eye shadow, and brow products. What did you buy? How much was it? I bought an Ultra Glossy Lip in the shade ‘Bestie’ which has a crème finish and […]

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