The TED Talk From Insecure’s Yvonne Orji That Every Young Single Woman Needs To See

yvonne orji

I am a huge fan of TED talks.

Anytime I need to make my Mondays a little more motivational or whenever I need a good jump start to make me feel like I can change the world, TED’s youtube channel is one of my first go-to’s. I will literally binge watch these motivational and educational videos and on one of those nights where I was held hostage by autoplay, I came across Yvonne Orji’s talk. After watching it, I immediately thought, wow! I wish I had seen this while I was single. You see, I belong to the very small population of women that have never watched an episode of Insecure but I’d read about Yvonne’s story on social media and I was definitely intrigued. A 33-year-old virgin in today’s society is “rare and almost unheard of” so her story caught on like a wildfire. Of course, as believers, we know different and some of us could probably name a few 33-year-old virgins. In the video, Yvonne talks briefly about how she came to know Christ in college through a colleague and how that changed her view on sex and purity as a whole. What I love most about her story is that ‘the wait’ for her was never a means to find the man that God has for her as it’s sometimes preached in purity culture. The wait is about valuing herself and not cheapening her self-worth through Christ for the sake of romantically connecting with someone. As someone that did not save myself for marriage and has dealt with the damage that premarital sex can bring, I appreciate this video and I believe that it is worth the share. Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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