Because we know that there is power in the word of God, it makes complete sense to pray, speak, and meditate on the word—especially when it comes to the areas of our lives that we tend to struggle with. Whenever I’m struggling with something, I pull out my Bible, find every verse that I can that pertains to my situation, write it on a notecard and place in my journal. Whether it be fear (one that I’ve struggled with for far too long), anger or procrastination, it goes in my journal and whenever I’m overwhelmed I pull out this reference tool and I speak the word.

I made my journal from a small glittery photo album that I got from a bargain store (because sparkle is pretty much my middle name) and I used some old notecards that I found in a drawer. I keep it organized by writing the topic at the top of the notecard and that’s honestly it. This simple reference tool that cost me less than ten dollars to make is helping me to 1) memorize the word 2) speak powerful scriptures over my life and situation and 3) to overcome my struggles by building my faith through the word.  Just as sure as I have struggled with fear, lack of confidence, and selfishness, I’m sure that my daughter will encounter these things too at some point in life and I have every intention of passing this journal down to her and teaching her the power of applying God’s word to her life.

Have you created anything to reference God’s word? Will you be creating a journal similar to this?


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  1. I haven’t been here in a while and will be playing catch up over the next couple of weeks. This is definitely a good idea. I used to keep a journal with my favorite scriptures, quotes, and notes from sermons, but there was no real organization to it. So if I ever wanted something to help me get through fear, I had to read and read and read until I found it again. Blah. Lol. Thanks for the idea :0)

    1. Hi Ashlei!
      Good to have you back, Sis! It’s always a pleasure. I know exactly what you mean…my notes were organized the exact same way lol. It was a complete mess. I’m glad I’ve inspired you through this post. I would love to see your new journal once it’s all put together! God bless you, girl.
      Ashley C.

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