Embracing My Season

embrace your season

I am a degreed military spouse stay-at-home mom.

As strange as it feels to actually write it, this has been my reality for the last almost three years. I’m not finishing law school like I had hoped I would be. I’m not celebrating a big job offer. I am here—sitting on my bedroom floor writing after a long day with my raging two-year-old. But you know what? I couldn’t be happier. This is my season and I am finally fully appreciating why I am here.

I walked into this phase of my life with disappointment on my shoulders and a melancholy disposition that caused me to question who I was and challenged me to redefine where I find my value (if you’ve ever gone from ‘working woman’ to ‘overnight stay-at-home mom’ then you know exactly what I mean). Even though I never intended to think this way, success was no longer about my pay grade and my identity could no longer be rooted in the things that I had accomplished. God pushed me toward something greater: dependency on him and his plan for my life.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhem you; when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.

Isaiah 43:2

After all this time, I am so content in saying that this is exactly where God needs me to be. This is exactly where he intended to plant me so that I could grow. I have grown as a woman, as a wife; I’ve grown as a mother, I’ve grown in my faith, and I’ve grown in my ministry. As the fruit of my labor, I have a beautiful family that is well taken care of and a growing blog that speaks to women from all over. My heart is so full of gratitude.

You know, we quote so many scriptures on the things to come and on trusting God in all seasons but when it really comes down to it, sometimes we lack purpose and vision. We drag and complain through some seasons instead of appreciating what they have to offer. This was exactly my problem. I used to spend so much time worrying about the things that I may have missed out on that I almost missed an opportunity to find the purpose in my season. I’m going to say something that many people don’t like to admit. We’re in a world where society is constantly chasing one accomplishment after another and we look down on people that appear to be doing anything less.  Listen—it’s fine to be okay with just being okay. Maybe the season you’re in right now isn’t the best time for you to be a homeowner or start your business. That’s okay. Maybe you’re in a season of being single and it’s time to focus on your personal growth. That’s okay too.

If you’re in a mundane season right now or you’re on a path that’s different than what you expected, enjoy your life (because every day is a gift), find purpose and meaning in where you are today and delight yourself in the Lord. I feel that God is getting ready to transition me to another season and I don’t know exactly what he has in store for me but what I do know is that God makes no mistakes and from here on out, I will live out my seasons with joy and purpose. This blog post will forever be my reminder. I hope and pray that my story will encourage you to do the same.

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  1. This truly blessed me at the right time! Sometimes I find myself thinking I’m behind and I’m not where I should be and I lose sight of the fact that I am where I am right now for a reason and I have to embrace it, hear what God is speaking to me in this season and know that it is preparing me for the next season.

    1. Hi Ashleigh!
      Absolutely, Sis. I couldn’t have said it better. God is such a great father that even when we think we’re not enough, he’s constantly molding, building and preparing us for what’s to come. I’m so glad that this post blessed you today. Thanks for reading!
      Ashley C.

  2. Dear Ashley,
    Thank you for sharing your insights and encouragement to help us embrace the seasons of our lives. I am going through my own transition in which I am learning how to cast off what I thought I would be doing to what God has planned for my life. In this transition He gave me the ability to write Christian-themed poetry as part of a writing ministry. Today God had me to meditate on John 14:12-14. I paraphrase a portion of it here: “..greater things we will do in His name.”May He continue to do great things in you so that you can do greater things in His name!
    God bless you!

    1. Hi Yvette!
      Thank you so much for sharing your story and I receive the beautiful words that you have spoken over my life! God bless you and I cannot wait to check out your poetry. Thank you for allowing God to use you!
      Ashley C.

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