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vegan vegetable fritters

It’s been a little over a month since we’ve made the switch to a plant-based diet and if I’ve learned nothing else, I’ve learned that you have to get very creative. Veggies will always be veggies but when you learn that you can cook a potato at least five different ways and that raw cashews can make “cheese”, life gets a whole lot more interesting. For me, this journey has been so much fun and I would love to share it with you so you can expect to see a few posts here and there sharing my new plant-based lifestyle. Before I started this journey, I had absolutely no idea what vegans ate (besides salad, of course) because once you take away dairy, eggs, and milk what in the world is left? You’d be surprised to know that there are so many delicious and fulfilling meals out there that include absolutely no animal products. Here’s everything that I ate in a day:


Breakfast is always pretty simple for me. I decided to cook skillet potatoes with red peppers with a side of toast and strawberry jam. This meal was quick and easy to make and it was so filling. Usually, I’ll have a banana smoothie with this meal but on this day I stuck with water with lemon.

eat in a day vegan potatoes



I kept it pretty simple for lunch too and made cilantro lime rice with pinto beans. This meal took maybe 15 minutes to make (even less if you precook the rice) and it was really good! This would be so good with sauteed spinach on top or even lettuce and guacamole to add more veggies. But as you can tell by my travel cup, I had been on the go and I only had time for something super quick.


For dinner, we had these vegetable fritters filled with red peppers, red onion, and corn and oh my goodness—they were so good! For the sides, I roasted golden potatoes and we had a spinach salad with homemade croutons on the side. Again, I had water with lemon to drink.

vegan vegetable fritters



When you don’t eat meat, eggs, or dairy, snacks are just as important as your meals to make sure you’re getting the nutrients and calories that you need for the day. I like to snack on fruit, veggies, and nuts. Since I didn’t actually take photos of all the snacks I had for the day, I put together a few of my favorite snacks so that you could see what I typically like to eat. I love to snack on cantaloupe, nuts, pumpkin seeds, homemade pumpkin seed granola, hummus with pita bread, plantain chips, or even just peanut butter. I try to have at least 3 of these snacks a day.

vegan snacks

So there you have it! That’s what I’ve eaten in a day. One of the things that I love about our new diet is that we have so much more variety in our meals so I definitely have a lot more to share. Vegan or not, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and that maybe it’s given you a little inspiration. Be sure to let me know what you’re eating in the comments below!


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