15 Easy Ways To Practice Humility This Week


Humility is so much more than a term that we throw around when we’ve achieved a few goals and decide to keep quiet about it. In the Christian faith, humility is a lifestyle—it’s a constant state of mind. If I had to sum up Biblical humility I would say that it’s a state of knowing exactly who you are (a follower of Christ), who you belong to (the Sovereign God) and knowing exactly how you are to regard others around you (better than yourself). Psalm 25:9 says that “He leads the humble in what is right and teaches the humble his way” which means that if we are to truly follow Christ, we’ve got to get this humility thing down pat. I’m sure that we could all use a little more humility in our lives so here are 15 easy-peasy ways to practice humility this week:

    1. Respectfully greet the elderly person that walks past you.
    2. Allow someone else to have the last word in a debate/disagreement.
    3. Be a listener to someone that needs to talk. Your story, no matter how awesome, can wait.
    4. Allow someone else to have the better seat at the table (or couch, or bus, wherever)
    5. Refrain from boasting but gently accept a compliment.
    6. Verbally give God credit for your accomplishments amongst your friends—even the small ones.
    7. Stop and have a genuine conversation with someone less fortunate. If you feel led, help them in some way.
    8. Forgive! Forgive! Forgive! Drop that grudge from last week.
    9. Take a minute and admit that you don’t know it all. Now go live in that truth.
    10. Make someone feel important. Do a task for someone that works for you or serve someone that you usually wouldn’t.
    11. Be a kind, quiet example to those around you.
    12. Don’t say I told you so…no matter how many times you actually ‘told them so’.
    13. Stop yourself from judging others. The minute you feel judgment creeping in, stop and pray for that person.
    14. Recieve sound advice. Even if you don’t care to use it…listen politely anyway.
    15. Remember that you are undeserving of God’s grace and allow the way that you treat others to reflect this truth.

I hope that this post is a blessing to you as you enjoy your week. Oh, and if you’re trying to squeeze in more grace and kindness, there’s a post for that too!

What other ways can we practice humility this week? 

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    1. Hi Karen!
      That’s great, Sis! I need to review this list myself and see if there’s anything I missed last week lol. Thanks for reading!
      Ashley C.

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