Two Major Lessons Learned In Two Years Of Blogging

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Far More Precious Than Rubies is two years old! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday that I stepped out on faith and invested a little money into a project that would become such a huge part of my life. In these two years, I’ve changed my blogging platform and logo, I’ve added a YouTube channel, published a Bible Study Journal, and I’m now working on my first e-book. Let me say that first of all, typing all of this feels unreal but every accomplishment, every acquired goal comes with its own set of lessons. There have been stressful days, there have been days where I’ve cried and wanted to give up, there have even been days where I’ve looked at another blogger and felt that I wasn’t good enough. Lessons. I’ve learned many of them on this journey and today I want to share with you two major ones that have changed my world and affected the way that I blog.

You Can Define Your Own Success

Before I started blogging, I was on the track to becoming an attorney. I received a B.A. in Political Science with a concentration in public law and it was always my intention to go law school and become one of the best prosecutors in the nation. Well, life happened. I got married to an incredible sailor and I decided to put law school on hold to focus on my family. For years, the picture of success for me was a life where I had the best career, owned a home, drove the nicest cars, and had a beautiful family. I have only one-fourth of this picture right now and there’s not a person in this world that could tell me that I’m not successful. Success is defined by the achiever; the achiever never has to be defined by their success.

In the blogging/influencer world, numbers are king. Page views, unique site visitors, social media followers, rate of engagement—these are all numbers that have the power to turn small bloggers into online powerhouses. For most of us, these numbers ultimately define your success. It’s these same numbers (or the amount of weight placed on them) that are causing bloggers to engage in credit card fraud and lie to their readers to keep up the perception of success. There was a time where I scrambled and stressed when my Google Analytics account showed me a decrease in page views or I lost a few followers on social media but two years in, I barely blink an eye. Numbers are all a part of the game. When God told me to start this blog three years ago, I agreed that even if I had an audience of one, I would continue to write like I was reaching the masses.  I may not have 100,000 monthly page views (yet) but when I finish a blog post knowing that God is pleased and when I receive a personal message from someone telling me how much my writing has blessed them, that is where my success lies.

Building Community Makes A Huge Difference

Life can be lonely but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve shared some of the best memories in my life with other people, some of which I had just met that same day. This same principle translates to blogging. Through those extremely credible Facebook quizzes, I’ve found out that I’m an outgoing introvert and ultimately I like to work alone. It took me a while to realize it but working alone is not necessarily working smarter. There are so many incredibly talented Chrisitan bloggers out there and their support has really helped me to realize is building community is EVERYTHING. You need support? It’s in the community. You need someone that will actually understand you? It’s in the community. Remember the numbers we talked about earlier? The community can help with that too. No matter what field you’re in, building good relationships is so important.  My mother would always tell me, relationships can take you places that money can’t, and it is so true! Networking is key and community over competition is the mantra to live by.

Blogging is my passion and my purpose and I am so grateful to have made it another year doing what I love. All glory belongs to God for his grace on this journey and I want to thank YOU for your continued encouragement and support! God bless.

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