15 Easy Ways To Show Grace And Kindness This Week

If you had to rate on a scale from  1 to 10 (10 being the most) how much grace and kindness you’ve shown in the last few weeks, where would you be? A 5? A close 9? Wherever you may fall on the scale, I’m going to go ahead and guess that we all (myself included) have plenty of room to show more. For many of us, Monday through Friday, we’re so busy with life that stopping to think about giving more grace and kindness than we already give is almost unthinkable. But here’s the thing: Jesus is the embodiment of grace and kindness and if we’re going to be children of the Most High, we need to practice the same.  So, I want to give you 15 easy ways to show grace and kindness this week that will barely require any real work but will still bless you (and others) tremendously.

  1. Speak to someone that you usually don’t
  2. Give someone a thank you card
  3. Do a small task to make someone’s job easier
  4. Start a nice conversation with someone in the checkout line
  5. Give your boss or spouse a small gift of appreciation
  6. Pray great things for the people that have rubbed you the wrong way
  7. Offer help to someone that needs it
  8. Smile and say thank you to the not-so-friendly cashier
  9. Give an inexpensive meal and a few bucks to the homeless gentleman that you see on the way home
  10. Hand out compliments like candy
  11. Visit an elderly family member that could use some company
  12. Fulfill a need anonymously
  13. Support your friend’s small business
  14. Be inclusive and engage with the people that may not “fit in”
  15. Choose to be friendly with EVERYONE that you encounter

If we are commanded to do nothing else in this world (besides honoring God, of course), we are commanded to love others. Not just the type of love where we favor the people that love us back or the type of love that’s built upon hollow “I love you’s” but we are called to love everyone in action and in truth. Real Biblical love far surpasses the things that we say and the feelings that we have and it’s ultimately about “doing”. I hope that this short list of ways to show grace and kindness will inspire you to make going the extra mile a normal part of your everyday life.

What are some other ways to show grace and kindness?

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