On Success And Thriving| Three Reasons Why You’ll ALWAYS Have A Seat At The Table

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In a world where social media is king, it’s easy to look at a picture of the girl in business attire seated behind the wheel of a new Beamer and question your own level of success. I’m no stranger to this type of thing but I am constantly reminded of the fact that there is only one me in this world and that there will never be another human being that could ever be more successful at being me…than me. Today I want to remind you of the same. No matter how many talented people there may be in this world, no matter how many degrees she may have or how qualified that woman on Twitter may seem, there will always be a seat at the table for you. Let me give a few reasons why:

No one else can bring what you bring to the table

God created you with a very specific skillset. Your ideas, your passions, your ability to make things happen a certain way—all of those things set you apart and make you special. There could be 3 billion people in this world that are good at what you do but out of that 3 billion, I’d bet that no one can do it exactly the way that you can. If you’re one of the world’s gifted speakers, use your gift! Your tone, your gestures, your expressions are all a part of what makes you appeal to an audience that others may not attract. The world needs your unique ability to do what you do.

Your seat at the table was designed specifically for you

There’s no denying purpose and destiny and before you were in your mother’s womb, you were already equipped with both. Your purpose is your purpose and as long as you seek God and tap into your strengths and passions, you will walk into it. No one can steal your purpose and no one can redirect your path without your consent. What God has for you is ultimately for you and you were destined by him to do what you are doing. Believe in divinely ‘staying in your lane’ because that lane was created just for you; every bump, every curve, and every stop along the way.

Everyone’s seat may not look the same and that’s OKAY

A lot of us will compare our success to another’s and mistake a few differences for failure. Success doesn’t always look the same. When you tailor your definition of success to one of your own and one that pleases God, success becomes much easier to achieve. You don’t have to have an audience of a million to be successful. Some people were created to be successful within a community and some on a global scale—that’s okay. Find success in where you are now; even if you have a clientele of 10.

Exodus 20:17 tells us to not covet our neighbor’s house but I believe that this verse goes well beyond the tangible. In 2017, I believe this would say, don’t covet your neighbor’s blog following or don’t covet your neighbor’s success in starting their first business. No matter what your gift may be, acknowledge it and put it to work. I don’t believe the metaphorical ‘table’ is just for the elite. I believe that it’s referring to everyone that believes that they have a purpose and has made the choice to faithfully walk in it. I believe God told us not to covet anyone’s things for a couple reasons. Number one, because it’s a breeding ground for envy. And number two, because he already knew that he had prepared a seat at the table for you and he didn’t need you worrying about anyone else’s. Go claim your seat, Sis. God bless.


How do you define success?

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  1. No one can steal your purpose and no one can redirect your path (except God) without your consent.

    Love this. Love the picture – it drew me in.

    Found you via FB Christian Women Bloggers Unite group

    1. Hi Nylse!
      Thanks for reading! I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post and the lovely photo. Her expression was so carefree that it drew me in as well. I’m on my way to check out your site now! God bless.

      Ashley C.

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