50 Things to Be Grateful For At Any Stage of Life


Perspective is everything. When things are falling apart and life gets tough, it can be so difficult to find something good to hold on to. When we switch our focus from our problems to what’s actually great in our lives, we breed positivity and we make life worth living. God always knew that a heart of gratitude would be one of the major keys to make it through this life. This is exactly why he has put such an emphasis on giving thanks to Him in all things (1 Thessalonians 5:18). Just in case you’re having a hard time finding something to be grateful for, here are 50 things that you can be grateful for at any stage of life.

  1. God’s presence
  2. The Holy Spirit
  3. Jesus died for your sins (because I mean..let’s never forget)
  4. grace and mercy
  5. being alive
  6. your health—even if it’s not perfect
  7. family
  8. friends
  9. your children, nieces, and nephews or just a little one that you adore
  10. your pet (if you have one)
  11. a job or at least a hobby
  12. the ability to walk
  13. the ability to talk
  14. being mentally sound
  15. the ability to hear
  16. the ability to see (no matter how bad you may need your glasses)
  17. your last meal
  18. a place to rest your head at night (no matter what that place may be)
  19. a phone or even the means to communicate when you need it (even if it’s a public phone)
  20. All of creation
  21. nature
  22. the beauty and complexity of God’s creation
  23. sunny days
  24. clothes to wear
  25. shoes to wear
  26. that you’ve made it to a new day
  27. rest
  28. access to information
  29. the ability to read and write
  30. the fact that you can learn anything if you’re willing to
  31.  the fact that you are unique
  32. the fact that you were carefully created
  33.  the fact that there is only one you!
  34. your gifts and talents
  35.  the fact that you have a purpose on the earth
  36. that you’ve made it through every obstacle in life
  37. that you’re resilient
  38. the hard lessons that made you better
  39. transportation (whether it’s your car or public transit)
  40. well-designed roads and infrastructure
  41. civilization and community!
  42. a church home (even if you only have a TV pastor..they count too)
  43. the last thing that made you smile
  44. the last thing that made you laugh
  45. access to clean water and fresh food
  46. money (even though we don’t worship it, it’s good to have)
  47. the occasional kindness of strangers
  48. the ability to bless others no matter where you are in life
  49. coffee, tea…caffeine really.
  50. all the wonderful memories

There you have it! It didn’t take me to long to put this together and I believe that expressing gratitude should be a daily practice. So whenever you find time, create your own list and allow gratitude to fill your heart and overflow. God bless.

Would you add anything else to this list?

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  1. Lovely reminders of things we may unintentionally take for granted. Thank for you for these.. I’ll be sure to make a copy oto use as reminders. Blessings sissy.

    1. Thanks Sis! We live such blessed lives that sometimes we overlook the little things. God is so good. My heart was so full while I was creating this list and I’m so glad that it blessed you. Love you always!

      Ashley C.

  2. I love this list, Ashley. It’s such a great reminder that we always have things to be grateful for in our lives, regardless at the seasons in our lives or the time of the year. Giving thanks really is ongoing.
    Blessings to you!

    1. Hi Marva!
      Thanks so much! Absolutely, there’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Thanks for including this post in your Roundup amongst other amazing posts from amazing Christian bloggers! God bless you!

      Ashley C.

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