The Virtuous Woman Pt. 1 | She’s Trustworthy

Virtuous Woman Trustworthy

The wife of noble character described in Proverbs 31 is a whole lot of things. She’s smart, she’s caring, she’s hardworking—but at the heart of all of these things, she’s trustworthy. Her husband trusts her, her children trust her, and the people of her community depend on her. To be a virtuous woman is to be a woman that holds true to her values and trustworthiness should always be a value that remains at the top of the list. Take a look at verse 11: “Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.” Let’s take away ‘husband’ for a moment and input whoever you would like. Maybe it’s your supervisor, a leader in your ministry, a parent, or your best friend. Can you wholeheartedly believe, based on your actions this past week, that that they have full confidence in you to remain true to your word and to always do what’s right? Can you wholeheartedly believe that they lack nothing of value in the relationship like your respect, empathy, or your time? If you took an honest look at your heart and your answer to either of these questions was ‘no’ or even ‘maybe’, you have some work to do. And it’s okay—none of us are perfect. Life happens. But trustworthiness and the simple task of being dependable are virtues that we can’t afford to neglect. Take for example the story of Jesus and Peter walking on the lake in the Book of Matthew. If Jesus had not been there for Peter in that moment, what would that say about Jesus’ ministry? Can anyone that is dishonest, makes idle promises, or isn’t reliable, be considered virtuous? Your ability to be trustworthy is a direct reflection of Christ within you. Be honest, be good to others, be someone that others can trust and depend on in times of need. These are the things that make a person trustworthy and trustworthiness is one of the many honorable traits that will make you a virtuous woman.

Prayer for today//
Lord, search my heart and reveal to me every area in my life that I have not been trustworthy. Empower me to display honesty even in the toughest moments and to be reliable to the people that need me. I want to honor you by being honorable to the people around me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Question to Ponder//

What is one way that I can be more trustworthy or reliable in my relationships?


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