3 Easy Ways To Spread Love This Christmas Season

So, we are less than a week away from Christmas and like most of us, I’ve been busy with trying to get everything done. I’ve been concerned with Christmas dinner, with making sure that every gift is wrapped and marked, and if I can be honest—I’m tired. As an adult, the holiday season can be exhausting, stressful even, and it wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized that I had gotten caught up in the very thing that I criticize every year. Christmas has become so commercialized that we (myself included) have forgotten what Christmas is all about: love. Jesus’ birth was literally the embodiment of God’s love for us. I think it’s time that we all get back to the heart of the matter and make Christmas about love—genuine love that brings joy to the heart of Christ. I know everyone has their hands full so here are three easy ways to spread love this Christmas season.

Ask someone how they’re doing…and really listen.

Many of us carry problems that are weighing us down, particularly during the holiday season. Some of us have lost parents or we’ve gone through a terrible breakup and a lot of the time we don’t care to talk about it but occasionally there’s that one instance where we do. We should always be willing to be on the listening end whenever that moment arises for someone. We are united as one in Christ and I don’t know about everyone else but it pains me to see a brother or sister hurting. Offering a listening ear is the least that we can do to show someone that they are loved.

Give to someone and expect nothing in return.

The saying goes that we are most like God when we are giving or forgiving. The holiday season calls for both. When we give to others we are displaying selflessness and showing that people, mean more to us than possessions. When we give and expect something in return we are displaying the exact opposite. We have a saying in my house and my husband and I constantly check each other on this: We don’t give to others because of what they can give to us. We give because we want to give. It’s so easy to say, well this person never buys me anything so I don’t need to buy them anything. Simply put, this is a heart issue. If Holy Spirit leads you to give, give freely and expect nothing in return. The benefits for your heart will far surpass those of any scarf or gift card.

Take a moment to so something nice for the people you rely on

It can be really easy to forget how much we need the mail carrier or the janitor that cleans your office space but their jobs are essential to our lives. They make life easier for us. Take a moment to do something nice to say thank you and show your appreciation. A simple card with chocolate or a candy cane is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. This is a really simple but effective way to spread love.

I know we’re all busy and it seems like we don’t have time for much these days but I believe that we all have the time to make someone feel loved this Christmas season. Chances are, your loving kindness will spark a flame in someone and they’ll continue to pass on the love.


What are some ways that you’ll be spreading love this year?

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