Product Review | Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Skin Mud Mask

Shea Moisture Peace Rose Complex Senstive Skin Mud Mask

The other day I was perusing through Target, picking up things that I don’t really need, and while I was in the beauty aisle I saw Shea Moisture’s Peace Rose Oil Complex Mud Mask. During the Fall season, my skin tends to get dry and flaky and I like to incorporate a good mask so I was definitely interested. The name alone sounded amazing but what really attracted me was the fact that it was marketed to people with sensitive skin. Let me say that I have probably some of the most sensitive skin in America. I break out terribly using products that are “hypoallergenic” and are clearly created with sensitive skin folks in mind so it’s safe to say that I had my doubts— but it’s Shea Moisture! I’ve yet to come across one of their products that I didn’t like so I was pretty excited to give it a try. Here’s my quick review:

  So, what’s in it?
This mud mask has organic Shea butter, Peace Rose Oil Complex (which includes a blend of Alpine, Damask, and Musk Rose Oils), Date Palm Extract, and Camellia Leaf Extracts.  As always, this Shea Moisture product has certified organic ingredients, is cruelty-free and is chock full or goodness. For more information, here’s the full product description.

What does it feel like? How long did you have to wear it?
The mask is pretty thick and creamy with the consistency of frosting (Did that make anyone else hungry?). As it dried, it made my skin feel tight just as any other mask would. I allowed the mask to stay on my face for about 10 minutes as instructed on the packaging.

Did it work? What are your thoughts?
Shea Moisture claims that this mask moisturizes, purifies, calms, and soothes sensitive skin and let me tell you, this mask definitely lives up to the expectation. I paired this mask with organic coconut oil as a moisturizer and it worked wonders for my skin. For me, the real test is the day after. I’m so used to falling in love with sensitive skin care products based on their immediate results only to find that my face is completely broken out the next morning. This was totally not the case with this product. My skin was completely radiant and felt amazingly moisturized for at least few days after I used the mask. The instructions on the back advise using the mud mask at least once a week (if needed) and the way my skin is set up this time of year, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing.  If you’d like to try this mask out too, you can purchase it here.

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Have you tried this mask yet? What are your thoughts? If not, will you be trying it soon?

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