Is There Truly A Better Way To Pray?| Book Review

We’ve all been there. We pray with every deep, spiritual phrase that we know, we plead the Blood a few times and still it feels like our prayers just aren’t being answered. Is it possible that our prayers are actually ineffective? That maybe there’s a better way to pray? Pastor Andrew Wommack sure believes so. Let me start this post by stating that the team over at Andrew Wommack Ministries provided me with a free copy of A Better Way to Pray for my honest review. Their generosity has in no way influenced my review and my thoughts and opinions are all my own.

In the book, Pastor Andrew Wommack challenges the way that we approach relationship with God, our requests to Him, healing, and even the way that we conduct spiritual warfare. He argues that in many ways, we overcomplicate things and in the process our prayers lose fervency and meaning. I agree with this 100% and I’m sure any other believer would too. I mean, aren’t we all familiar with Matthew 6:7? Clearly, fancy talk and meaningless statements don’t sit well with Jesus. But Pastor Wommack goes beyond stating the obvious and gives correction to common misconceptions that even he admits could rub people the wrong way. What if I told you that praying for three hours about the same thing won’t move God? Or that telling God all about your situation may not always be the best idea? Or, this is a good one—that we shouldn’t beg for the forgiveness of our sins daily? I can almost hear your gasps through the screen. Believe me, my response was very similar. There were several times that I had to put the book down, pull out my Bible, and really seek Holy Spirit for myself because this approach to prayer contradicted everything that I thought I knew about prayer. Pastor Wommack actually encourages this! As I kept my mind open (which he also encourages) and let go of the initial shock, I began to accept the truth in everything that he was saying.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering, how did Pastor Andrew Wommack earn the right to shake things up and tell us that our traditions are wrong? I’ll tell you. He has studied and meditated over every verse in the Bible concerning prayer and from his study he has shared his revelations about prayer with us through this book. In his over 30 years in ministry, he has healed the sick, seen countless miracles, and he has even raised his own son from dead using the approach to prayer that he has laid out in this text. I’m very much a ‘prove it’ type of girl and one of the things I really appreciated about this book is that for every claim, assertion, or set of ideas, there was sound Biblical proof (and logic) listed to back it up. While reading A Better Way to Pray, I couldn’t help but wonder how in the world we allowed so many man-made traditions that were so loosely tied to the Bible control our faith. Romans 12:2 says “Don’t copy the behaviors and customs of the world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” [New Living Translation]. I believe that this verse explains exactly why A Better Way to Pray is such a treasure. As we alter our prayer lives to model the way that Jesus himself intended for them to be in His word, we will be able to better communicate with the Father and better understand His will for our lives. Here are a few of my favorite excerpts from the book:

“The heart attitude behind your prayer interests God much more than the actual words you say. Just because you spend an hour, or more, in what you call ‘prayer’ doesn’t mean you’re accomplishing anything. If your attitude is wrong, you’re praying wrong!” Page 3

“You don’t have to be in a heightened emotional state in order to “pray.” If you feel you must cry and wail, weep and travail, every time you talk with God, then you’re like the spouse who wants to live their life at the intimacy level of making love to their mate every moment of every day.” Page 45

“When people are taught that the reason they should be saved is to escape hell and then use God to meet all of their needs, then that’s what they’ll have faith for. If that’s the goal, they’ll serve Him just enough to get what they need. Then, as they enter into prosperity, God is forgotten. Sound familiar? That’s the way salvation has been preached!” Page 104

Pastor Wommack’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach to the subject of prayer is another reason that I loved reading this book. It is so evident that he genuinely wants Christians all over the world to have a better understanding of what it means to pray but more importantly, he wants Christians to move past the superficial and to find intimate relationship with the Father. After all, your relationship and understanding of God can have a profound effect on the attitude behind your prayers.

All in all, A Better Way to Pray was a great read and has caused me to change the way that I approach my own prayer life. If you would like to own a copy of A Better Way to Pray, the team over at Andrew Wommack Ministries has so graciously provided me with a few extra copies that I would LOVE to give to three of my amazing readers [this giveaway is now closed]. Be sure to follow the Far More Precious than Rubies Facebook page for details! If you would like to go ahead and purchase a copy, you can buy the book here .


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