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Like most people, I am really big on family time. Whether I’m kicking back on the couch watching a good movie or taking a trip to the closest park, I always try to include my family. Those moments that we spend together are priceless—especially since our children are growing like weeds. One of our favorite things to do (particularly since we’ve relocated to a small town in Southern Maryland where there are no malls or major activities) is check out the local events. If you’ve ever needed a good reason to attend the events in your community, here are a few:

1) They are usually free or very inexpensive
2) They are usually in support of or created by small businesses
3) They are almost always family friendly

This Friday, we had the opportunity to check out First Fridays in Leonardtown, hosted by the Leonardtown Small Business Association, and this month they hosted an Art Walk. One of the things that I love about Art Walks is that they give creatives from all different backgrounds with different talents, the opportunity to show off their gifts and display what makes communities beautiful: diversity. The Art Walk displayed beautiful paintings from the local galleries, creative handmade designs and products from local vendors, and artists were even spotted around the event creating masterpieces. There was a jazz band playing on stage, Kona Shaved Ice was there (their Pina Colada is bomb, by the way), there were balloons animals made for children and we even learned about Chinese Calligraphy.

The event took place in historic Downtown Leonardtown (seriously one of the cutest, quaintest places you’ll ever see) and we were able to walk into several of the small store fronts. Among these businesses, The Fuzzy Farmer’s Market was by far my family’s favorite. The Fuzzy Farmer’s Market is an all-women’s collective of woven, felted, threaded and all around fuzzy products. They create everything from hats and scarves to rugs and wool paintings. I had an amazing time chatting with the owner Misti and the other great women of Fuzzy Farmer’s. They showed my family a great time and even allowed my daughter to create her own woven project. Anyone that knows my baby knows that she can hold a conversation with the best of them. I think it’s safe to say that she’s found a few new friends haha. The Fuzzy Farmer’s Market actually offers lessons in a pretty cool workshop below the store that Misti was kind enough to give me a tour of. The best part of my time with the women of Fuzzy Farmer’s was learning that they are all friends and that they work and vacation together. How cool is that? Their story should definitely be a lesson to us, ladies. Let’s build relationships together and make great things happen.

All in all, we had a nice time at the Art Walk. If you’re located in Southern Maryland, be sure to check out the other events that will be hosted the first Friday of every month in Leonardtown. If you’re located elsewhere, research the cool events that will be happening in your community, venture out with your family, and have a great time locally. Take a look at some of our photos from the Art Walk below!

What are some of the cool events that you’ve attended in your community?

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