10-Minute Busy Girl “Fresh-face” Makeup

In my house, whenever we’re getting ready to leave, it always feels like we’re racing the clock. I have to get the kids together, pack the diaper bag, make sure that the dog has everything she needs and by the time I’ve done all of that I’m left with about 15 minutes to make sure that I look okay (meanwhile my husband is dressed and ready to go). So I’ve pretty much mastered the art of ‘makeup in a hurry’.  I love glitterly eye shadow and winged eyeliner just as much as the next person but honestly ain’t nobody got time for that.
Because I don’t have time to do a million different steps, this “fresh-face” look is super simple and doesn’t require much. I use my primer and foundation, concealer, a brow kit (or pencil but lately I’ve been favoring the kit), blush, highlighter (or bronzer), translucent powder, nude colored eye shadow (I’m using the darker side of my bronzer to save me time), mascara and lip gloss or balm. Okay, so that sounds like a lot but it’s totally sort of not (shifts eyes). Here’s a step by step to show you how I pull everything together:

Step 1:
Massage primer onto face (don’t forget to moisturize!).
Step 2:
Fill in brows and clean them up with concealer. Apply eye shadow to lid and mascara.
Step 3:
Apply and blend in foundation then apply and blend concealer under eyes and anywhere else you may need extra coverage.
Step 4:
Apply translucent setting powder.
Step 5:
Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and apply highlighter (or bronzer) right above blush.
Step 6:
Apply lip gloss or lip balm (I usually do this in the car). By the way, I got this matte lipstick from Dollar Tree! It’s from the Fergie collection by Wet n Wild. It’s my fave right now.

This look is so easy! 6 steps in only 10 minutes or less. This is pretty much my everyday go-to look and it’s perfect for any busy girl that needs to get up and out the door as fast as possible.

So what do you think? Is this a good time saver? Drop a selfie your go-to looks in the comments below!

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