The Struggle Of Being Christian And Pro-Black

In light of all of the recent events in the news, it seemed necessary for me to not only share my point of view but to share my personal struggle when it comes to racial injustice in America. Before anything else, I am a follower of Christ. Everything else takes a backseat. But there is no denying that I’m an African American woman. Just like my relationship with Christ, my race has had a profound effect on the person that I’ve become and has shaped many of my experiences in life. This is and has always been my struggle: Do I identify with the struggles of my race or does my identity as a Christian overshadow any involvement in advancing the interests of Black Americans? Can you really be a follower of Christ and profess to be pro-black? I personally don’t believe the two are mutually exclusive.

I’ve always considered myself to be pro-black. Let me define exactly what that means to me. In no way, shape, or form, does it mean that I am anti-[insert race] or a black supremacist. It simply means that I am aware of the history of Blacks in America and I am aware of the fact that it has only been a little more than 60 years since we were no longer ‘legally’ acknowledged as the inferior race in this country. 60 years is not a lot of time and it would be extremely remiss of anyone to believe that racism (especially systemic racism) is dead. When I say that I’m pro-black, it means that I’m for equal opportunity and equal treatment of Black Americans— a race of people that came into this country as property, graduated to second-class citizens, and are now legally functioning as equals (once again, only for the last sixty years).

As a Christian, I know that we are all created by God and that above all else our job is to love and spread the gospel of Christ. My intentions are to do exactly that. But should I ignore the fact that there are unjust circumstances affecting people because of the color of their skin? Are my thoughts and efforts concerning Black activism a distraction or deviation away from what I’m really called to do? I don’t think so. There’s sort of this unspoken pressure to only concern yourself with Christian matters and to allow ‘the world’ to deal with its own issues but how does that make us the salt and light of the earth? Just as sure as the Bible calls for us to love, it calls for us to stand up in times of injustice. Being pro-black doesn’t mean that I love anyone any less or that I believe that any other race is inferior. It means that yes, I love you, but simultaneously I am unequivocally for the correction of racial bias and injustice—injustice that could directly affect me or some of the people that I love. So yes, I am a Christian and I am pro-black and it’s okay.

I want to hear your thoughts! Do you believe it’s possible to be both Christian and Pro-black?

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