My First ColourPop Unboxing and Review (Ultra Glossy Lip)

ColourPop Unboxing

I’ve been hearing about ColourPop for quite a while and  I’ve finally decided to try them out. Here are my thoughts:

What’s ColourPop?
ColourPop is a cosmetic company located in Cali that sells beautiful makeup for super reasonable prices. They’re known for the pigmentation of their makeup and they sell mostly lipsticks or glosses, blush, highlighter, eye shadow, and brow products.

What did you buy? How much was it?
I bought an Ultra Glossy Lip in the shade ‘Bestie’ which has a crème finish and is a pale pink color. ColourPop is known for their gorgeous ColourPop Bestiematte lipsticks but about almost two weeks ago, they released their Ultra Glossy Lip line. I was in need of a good gloss so I figured I’d give it a try. The gloss itself was $6 but if you subscribe to their emails, you get $5 off your first purchase. So with standard $4.99 shipping I paid $5.99 as opposed to the regular $11.

Initial thoughts at unboxing?
Oh my gosh! They’re branding is super cute! The lip gloss came with a little booklet featuring all of their products and an adorable thank you card in handwritten font quoting Whitney Houston lyrics. I must say, I was impressed with their shipping. It came pretty fast. I believe I ordered it on a Friday and I received it by Wednesday.

So how was it?
I really like it! The color was beautiful and if you’re familiar with MAC’s Cremesheen glosses, this gloss comes super close for significantly less. I will say that after a few hours, the gloss fades a little but the color remains and it feels almost like a tinted lip balm. This gloss did not dry my lips out like others tend to. I will say though, it’s a little sheerer than I thought it would be (especially for WOC). So although it feels great alone, I would actually recommend pairing it with a lipstick if you’re looking for more color.

So there is it, guys! I plan to buy many more things from ColourPop and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Are you a ColourPop fan? What’s your favorite product?

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