A Servant’s Heart

A Servant's Heart

In a room full of Christians, if I asked how many people would profess to be Christ-followers, hands would go up all around the room. But if I asked how many people are actually living to serve, I’m pretty sure those high hands would start to slowly fall down. If you know the story of Jesus, then you know that everything that he did was to serve others [Matthew 20:28]. So if we’re proclaimed followers of Christ, how did so many of us miss this message? And trust me, as I minister to you, I’m ministering to myself as well.  As humans we have this inherent selfishness that’s hard to shake. Our schedules are busy and flawed human nature has taught us to look out for our own. But can you imagine what a difference it would make in the Body of Christ if we made serving others a priority instead of an option? Or if we looked at it as an opportunity to serve God through serving others instead of a schedule obligation?

One of the scariest things about many Christians is that we believe that once we’ve received our salvation, that’s it. No, that’s not it. Our entire purpose on this earth is to carry out God’s will so that we can reach the masses and let them know about the truth, Jesus. When we feed the homeless, or donate to a family in need, or work in the children’s ministry at church, we aren’t just doing nice things. We are radiating the love of Christ and signifying what it means to have a servant’s heart. Whether we see it or not, through God’s power, we are legitimately affecting lives and bringing others closer to the Father. Jesus always emphasized the importance of helping the poor and needy and I’d bet that it’s not just because we have the power to change their situation but because serving them has the power to change our hearts. It is said that we are the most like God when we give. Our money and our time are precious so to us and when we offer them to God, we become more and more Christ-like. I personally serve in my ministry and when I see others in need around me, I do my best to help them. I would like to challenge you to do the same. However God leads you to make a difference, go for it. You never know whose life may change because you decided to strive for a servant’s heart. God bless.

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