10 Good Reasons To Let It Go and Move On

Move on

I know many of us have heard DJ Khaled talk about the infamous ‘they’. ‘They’ are the naysayers and haters that speak against you and never want to see you win. Well, today I’m going to talk about ‘it’ and whether we know it or not, ‘it’ can have a greater effect on your life than ‘they’ ever could if you allow it to. ‘It’ can be anything that you’ve been holding to—a bad breakup, negative feelings toward a parent, a petty fight with a friend. Anything. Here are 10 good reasons to let it go and move on.

1.    It’s probably been eating away at your conscious and wearing you down.

2.    It’s affecting who you are as a person.

3.    It’s affecting your relationships with others.

4.    It’s become your life story.

5.    It’s keeping you away from your purpose.

6.    You will feel so much relief when it’s behind you.

7.    You’ll be able to truly focus on the things that matter.

8.    Your perspective on life will change and you’ll count your blessings more than ever.

9.    You’ll be able to sleep better at night.

10.    You will be able to take a step back and receive every lesson that God wants you to receive.

This was definitely my experience every time I chose to let things go and move forward. Every time we hold on to situations or hard feelings, we give them the opportunity to overshadow our lives in an unattractive way (and most of the time we don’t see it!). The benefits to getting rid of ‘it’ are endless. If you’re trying to figure out how to get past the whole forgiveness thing, this is a great post to read. I’m always praying for you guys! Let’s live amazingly blessed lives. I want us all to win.

What else would you guys add to this?

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