My Non-Preeclamptic, Successful VBAC Birth Story!

Guys, I’ve been itching to tell this story for so long because it was seriously one of the best days of my life. What better time to tell it than my little man’s first birthday! So let me first tell you guys a little bit about the birth of my daughter so that you can fully understand the blessing of my son’s birth. When I was 37 weeks pregnant with my daughter I went to Labor and Delivery with some serious symptoms and it turned out that I had preeclampsia. After tons of testing for about a week, I delivered her via C-section. No signs of labor, just extreme urgency from my doctors. Fast forward 3 1/2 years later…

At around 4:00 in the morning on May 1st, 2015, I started having really strong Braxton Hicks. I had been having them a lot throughout this pregnancy so it was nothing alarming. After tossing and turning for about an hour, I did my usual routine. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a glass of water and began walking around the house. But this time, they didn’t go away. My first thought was to call my mom because she’s always awake at odd hours and I didn’t want to wake my husband. As I was talking to her and making my laps around the house, something changed. I felt a contraction that was so strong, I had to grab the wall! We finally agreed that I was probably in labor haha. From that moment on, the contractions got more intense and things moved fast. So, I hung up with my Mom and used the restroom maybe 4 times back to back (I hear this is a clearing out process’) and I started losing my mucus plug. By this time it’s about 5:30ish and my contractions were a little over a minute long and came every 2-3 minutes. I remembered reading somewhere that you should head out to the hospital when they’re about 5 minutes apart so I went upstairs (well wobbled) and I said to my husband, “I’m pretty sure I’m in labor,” as I started getting dressed. He got up and rolled out of the bed like a late night, crime-fighting, super hero. We called our friends that agreed to watch our daughter for us and we packed up the car. We live in country Southern Maryland so the nearest hospital is about 30 minutes away. Man, that ride was so intense! By this point, the contractions are in full force and I was not trying to mess around. I felt every bump in the road and it was not good. My husband listens to a wide variety of music but that day, the only song he was allowed to play in the car was No Ordinary Love by Sade (Sade’s voice is so soothing. It was the closest thing I had to my mom being in the backseat). So we get to the hospital and they have me sign in and they put me into a room to check our vitals. Everything was good! I was uncomfortable but I could still breathe through the contractions and talk well. Around 8 am or so, the nurse checks my dilation and says that she can only fit in about a fingertip in and that I haven’t progressed much. Look, when I tell y’all I had my mom contact every prayer warrior she knew! Haha To know I went through all that pain and nothing was changing was extremely discouraging. I wanted so badly to try for a vaginal birth and I was beginning to fear that things wouldn’t go as planned and that I’d end up in the OR again. I walked around and all that good stuff to try to get things moving. Around 10:30, they checked me again and my OB told me to go ahead and leave, get some breakfast and to come back if things get more intense. I remember I kept saying, I feel like I need to pee. They all looked at me funny. So we left. We got about 10-15 miles away and we stopped to a Sheetz gas station to get some gas. As soon as my husband got out of the car to go inside and pay for gas, I got the biggest, most intense contraction and I knew something was about to shift. I screamed out for Jesus and my water broke! Fluid was everywhere y’all…in my passenger’s seat. All over my favorite robe. Leaking onto the floor. It was a mess. But it felt so good! All that pressure and the feeling that I had the pee went away. The contractions even took a break. So of course we headed back to the hospital and the nurses were so excited. I was leaking everywhere so they let me get into a gown (and those weird mesh underwear to stop the leaking) and eventually they put me into another room. By this point, the contractions came back and they were more intense than ever. I was in so much pain and at this point, the contractions were starting to overlap. My patience went out the window. My husband started watching the craziest movie in my room and I went slap off on him because he laughed at this scene that was not funny…at least it wasn’t funny to me. Poor guy. So after about 7 1/2 hours of contractions, they offered me the epidural and at that point it was like offering manna from Heaven. Once I got the epidural, we were smooth sailing. I was dialating quickly and everything was looking great. Hours passed and at around 5ish, my little man’s heart rate began to drop. The nurse came rushing in to check my dilation and she looked up at me with wide eyes and said, “Oh wow. It’s time to push”. At this point, my husband left to take my daughter more clothes and he was nowhere close. Mind you, we live 30 minutes away so I’m freaking out. I’m thinking, Oh Lord I’m going to have this baby by myself.. But just as the nurses were coming to set me up, he walked in ready to help. I pushed for about 30 minutes and at 6:10 pm, we welcomed our sweet 6 lb 9 oz baby boy, Cason Michael, into the world. The doctors said my labs were heading toward preeclampsia again, some said that I would have it worse than before, some even said that a VBAC  may not be possible, BUT GOD! We were able to have a beautiful, complication free delivery and it was all because of the goodness of God. So Happy Birthday, Son. You are truly a blessing sent from the Most High.

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