How Reading My Bible Changed My Life

I know every Christian looked at the title of this blog post and thought duhhhh, haha, allow me to explain.

I grew up in church and reading my bible was just as routine as standing up for praise and worship or taking communion. But that’s all it was for me—routine. I committed my life to Christ when I was pretty young and sure I would crack open the bible if I was going through something and I felt like I needed a word, but it wasn’t until maybe three years ago that reading my bible became a part of my life that I could no longer live without. Here’s why:

God Reveals Himself
We love to chant relationship over religion but it’s difficult to have a true relationship if we’re not really seeking him. One of the biggest ways that God reveals himself to us is through his word. Every time I read about the Israelites or the story of Joseph or one of Apostle Paul’s letters, I fall deeper in love with God and it becomes even clearer to me that he is our Heavenly Daddy. We were truly made in his image and he loves us so deeply. We hear our pastors and leaders teach this week after week, but if you really want your relationship with God to move to another level, you have to read the stories of his grace and love for yourself. It will truly change your heart.

I’m given both Instruction and Conviction
I seriously study my bible like it’s a textbook. If there’s something that I don’t understand or I want to know where I should stand on an issue, I immediately open my bible. As cliché as it sounds, it’s my instruction manual for life (I mean, seriously, have you read Proverbs?). The bible covers everything from the simplest character issue to complex issues amongst nations. The problems that so many people are struggling with today with are easily answered in the bible. There is so much wisdom and every time I read, I learn something that I didn’t already know or I gain a different perspective.

Another thing—every time I step out of line or react in a way that’s not conducive to my lifestyle, God convicts me through his word to make me better (Just like a parent would teach their children right from wrong). Just a couple weeks ago, my attitude toward something was terrible and God led me to a scripture that changed my entire outlook. I have always prayed for God to work on my heart and make me more Christ-like but the big changes came as soon as I started digging deeper into my bible and applying the word (in its entirety) to my life. When you know better, you do better.

I just want to encourage everyone. I know that we all get busy and our days are long, but don’t be a situational bible reader like I was. Reading your bible will literally change your life. To me, it has become as addictive as a morning cup of coffee because each day I have the desire to be better than I was the day before. If you’re having a hard time understanding the traditional King James Version (I know I do), try another version. I recommend New International Version (NIV). If you can, invest in a good study bible. A bible is a lot like a wallet; each one is designed to cater to someone with a different need. Some of us, like me, need more of breakdown and others are fine with just the text. I personally use a life application bible and I love it (click the link to find out more). If you’re not sure how to go about reading, there are several reading plans out there. I use a 365 day plan in my bible but here’s a great list of a few others with complete descriptions:

Happy Reading!

What are some other benefits you’ve found to reading your bible?


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